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We, the Belgium and Netherlands Testing Qualifications Board, represent the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) in Belgium and the Netherlands. We support testers on their way to certification and help training providers with their accreditation.


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20 years of BNTQB

BNTQB turned 20!

Software testing, our profession and our passion

Software testing is our profession and our passion. Our goal is to look after the interests of the Belgian and Dutch (software) tester. We’re striving toghether to come up with a single certification program established by the ISTQB®.
To this end we maintain (international) contacts with stakeholders, contribute to the content and translation of documents, accredit trainers and teaching materials and prepare exam questions in accordance with the applicable processes and procedures.

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Certification provides an internationally recognized qualification of knowledge and skills as a tester. Certification supports the entire career path from novice to expert.


All accredited training providers in Belgium and the Netherlands are listed. By attending a training course, participants come well prepared for the exam.


Accreditation gives you, as a training provider, the assurance that your training courses are fully compliant with the relevant ISTQB® syllabi.

Partner Program

The Partner program gives a form of recognition to companies that are demonstrably committed to certifying their testers.

TMMi Local Chapter

BNTQB is the TMMi Local Chapter for Belgium and the Netherlands

Certification levels and directions

ISTQB® portfolio

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ISTQB® biedt een volledig certificeringstraject van beginner tot expert.


The Core provides basic certifications that apply to any tester, regardless of the software development lifecycle model used and the domain in which testing is conducted.


The Agile track specifically focuses on testing in environments in which a software development lifecycle is used that is based on agile.


The Specialist track offers certifications that provide in-depth testing knowledge for certain quality characteristics, types of testing or domains in which testing takes place.

Foundation Level

The Foundation level lays the foundation for structured testing. In addition, there is the possibility to delve into testing Agile projects or to specialise in testing certain domains.

Advanced Level

In the Advanced level, the tester seeks a deeper understanding of software testing and prepares for specific test roles in management, analysis or automation.

Expert Level

In the Expert level, the tester with extensive knowledge and experience will look for more in-depth knowledge with practice-oriented certifications for topics such as test management and improving the test process.

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