An accredited training course is a training course that has been independently assessed for content and quality of the training and of the training material. With accreditation you as a training provider are assured of a training course that meets all ISTQB® quality requirements.

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Purpose of accreditation

Accreditation is the process by which the BNTQB assesses whether the material and/or training as a whole is of the appropriate quality. Among other things, it looks at whether the material matches the syllabus and whether there are enough examples and exercises.

It is also important that sufficient time is spent on the various components of the relevant syllabus and that all learning objectives are adequately addressed. In addition, the organizational aspects of offering the training are assessed.
After obtaining accreditation, the provider may call itself an Accredited Training Provider.

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Course Owner

As a Training Course Owner (TCO), you own the training materials. Choose to use the materials yourself or license others to deliver the training

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Course Provider

As a Training Course Provider (TCP), you provide training based on accredited training materials taught by accredited or registered tutors. The material may be your own or licensed from a TCO.

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Tutor registration

A tutor provides training based on accredited materials for an accredited provider (TCP). As a tutor, you hold the certificate and are registered with the BNTQB.

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Tutor Accreditation

As an accredited tutor, you not only hold the certificate but have also passed the exams for updates of the relevant syllabi. In addition, it’s important that you possess demonstrable teaching skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About accreditation

  • I want to use someone else’s training course, is that allowed?

    You may use the training materials of a third party. In that case, you’re using this material under license. Together with the proof of accreditation of the material and the license agreement you apply for accreditation of licensed material. After approval you can publish this training on your own website and you will be published as a Training Provider on the BNTQB & ISTQB® website. You will receive a certificate of accreditation from the BNTQB for this training material.The training must be delivered by an accredited or registered tutor. This person can come from within your own organization or be made available by a third party. In the latter case, please note that the tutor must be known to the BNTQB as the teacher for the training course in question.
  • Where do I apply to become a trainer?

    Please send the necessary information, as listed on the website, to

  • We’d like to conduct training, so what do we need to do?

    For each ISTQB® syllabus, in addition to the syllabus and sample exam questions, you’ll find the accreditation requirements. In addition to covering the syllabus in full, taking into account the minimum teaching time for each section, worked-out exercises as examples or as guided practice for the participants also need to be provided.

    This material is submitted to review panel goes through the material and then validates it. On approval, an accreditation certificate is issued and your organization is published as a training provider on the BNTQB and ISTQB® website.

    At least one accredited or registered tutor must be known to the BNTQB for each training course.

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