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The ISTQB® Partner Program recognizes companies that are committed to professionalism in testing. Through the partnership, we build lasting relationships with these companies and work together to further expand our knowledge.

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Partners of BNTQB and ISTQB®


Through the Partner Program, we strengthen our connection with companies working in the field. The partnership is designed to learn from each other, discover what’s going on and know what trends are coming our way. We take all learnings into account when developing and reviewing new syllabi.

How can my company become an ISTQB® partner?

Contact or download the registration form. Fill out the form and send it to Someone there will review the information and contact you as soon as possible to arrange the next steps.

Where can I find all the information I need on the ISTQB® Partner Program?

All information on the partnership can be found on the ISTQB® dedicated website about the partner program:

Need more information? Contact us at

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Partner levels

Silver level
Value of 2 Foundation Exams

The Silver Level Partnership is the first level in the program and is aimed at organizations with a number of Certified Level Foundation testers.

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Gold level
Value of 4 Foundation Exams

The second level is the Gold Level Partnership. This is aimed particularly at organizations in which a number of advanced level certificates have already been obtained.

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Platinum level
Value of 8 Foundation Exams

The Platinum Level Partnership is the highest level for an independent organization with multiple advanced or expert level certificates in the organization.

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Global level
Additional costs €2,000

The Global Partnership is for organizations operating in multiple countries where at least one location is a Platinum Partner and two locations are Gold Partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our partner program

  • How is the number of certificates counted for an application to join the ISTQB Partner Program?

    The number of (proven) certificates at the time of application will be taken into account. These numbers are multiplied by a weighting factor to determine the total number of certificate points: foundation certificates are multiplied by 1, Advanced certificates by 3 and Expert certificates by 5.The following minimums apply for each partner level:
    • Silver: 5 points and 1 Foundation certificate
    • Gold: 14 points and 1 Advanced & 1 Foundation certificate
    • Platinum: 30 points and 3 Advanced & 2 Foundation certificates
  • Where can I find all information about the ISTQB Partner Program?

    All information about the partnership can be found on the ISTQB dedicated partner program website: more information? Contact us at
  • How can my company become an ISTQB partner?

    Contact us via or download the registration form. Fill in the form and send it to There, someone will check the information and contact you as soon as possible to arrange the further steps.
  • How long is the partnership valid?

    The ISTQB Partner Program is renewable annually.
  • What are the benefits of the partner program for the partner?

    There are a number of benefits to the partner program. For example:
    • Listing on ISTQB® & BNTQB website
    • Use of the partnership logo & certificate
    • Possible participation in beta review of ISTQB® syllabi
    • Participation in BNTQ partner events
    • Training providers get exemption from admin & web fees for their training accreditation and 5% discount on the accreditation of training materials

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